Through the eyes of a 5 year old: Cooking with Alex pt 2
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Through the eyes of a 5 year old: Cooking with Alex pt 2

Continue with Intern Laura Bartee as she details part 2 of a cooking lesson Robin hosted. Stay tuned to Robins Bite to see more sweet and healthy treats!

Recently Robin hosted a cooking lesson for a five year old little girl named Alex for her birthday. If you missed the first dish we made, click to see the first blog detailing how Alex made Chocolate Covered Bananas with Almonds.
The class focused on healthy sweets and treats, all of which included fruit. The second dish we taught Alex to make was Baked Apples, a recipe courtesy of Disney Family. This sweet treat included oats with important soluble fiber, walnuts with omega 3 fatty acids and apples which provide natural sugars and a great taste!
The first step of this dessert was to core each apple and peel the skin from the top half, a job left to assistant Laura. While she peeled, Alex worked on chopping the walnuts into small pieces using a plastic knife that kept her fingers safe.
With the apples and walnuts ready to go, the next step was to add the ingredients for the filling together in a bowl. Alex was excellent at measuring the oats and brown sugar, which she added to her chopped walnuts.
When it came time to add the cinnamon and nutmeg, Alex enjoyed the aroma and fragrance of the cinnamon, but was unsure about the nutmeg. Robin showed Alex how to use a microplane to grate the nutmeg fresh into the bowl.
After using the microplane, Alex was very excited to see the grate marks on the nutmeg! Suddenly nutmeg did not seem so odd.
Squeezing fresh lemon juice was the next challenge Alex accepted, a task she seemed very comfortable with but required a little muscle.
After adding the remaining ingredients to the bowl, Alex was able to stir everything together and stuff the apples, a job she found the most fun.
Alex was so proud of her hard work and wanted to bite into the apples immediately!
It was tough to wait for the apples to bake, but it was worth it once Alex tasted the delicious baked apple.
These apples were both healthy and yummy, making it difficult to remember they are made primarily of fruit. They are a perfect treat to make any season with affordable and easy to purchase ingredients. The recipe offers many kid friendly steps and helps a little one become actively involved in the cooking process.
Look forward to the next post, where Alex will make a Summer Trifle!

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