Nutrition and Culinary Communications
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A multi-faceted communicator who happens to be a registered dietitian and a culinary nutritionist.




Robin’s wide array of experience and skills makes her vastly different from the majority of her peers. As a PR professional, a member of the media and someone who has worked in non-traditional settings her entire career, Robin brings to the table a 360-degree view of any project and, therefore, a native understanding of the client, the goals and the situation.



Whether she’s speaking to dietetic professionals about the importance of branding and marketing, or to a group of lifestyle bloggers about 10 hacks that will help get dinner on the table, Robin uses passion, humor and her easy-going delivery to instill confidence in her audience and provide key take-aways that can be integrated into practice immediately.

Media and Product Spokesperson

Robin is someone who will focus on the realistic nature of the topic, all with the humor and ease that producers, hosts and, ultimately, listeners and readers respond to and enjoy. Her successful approach encompasses real–world experiences as well as the ability to relate to both the everyday consumer and the nutrition and culinary professional.

National Media Source

Frequently quoted in traditional media, Robin is seen by reporters and writers as a credible, knowledgeable and connected culinary and nutrition expert. Her expertise has appeared in such publications as Huffington Post, US News, Health Magazine, USA Today, Prevention Magazine, Today’s Dietitian and Woman’s Day.

Trusted Partner and Advisor

As a brand and product advisor, Robin has represented brands at trade shows, exhibits, cooking classes and industry events. She’s worked with companies such as Welch’s, Campbell’s, Wal-Mart, California Strawberries, Daisy Brand and Metamucil to help them better understand consumer behavior and trends as it relates to the health and wellness field. She’s built robust nutrition and culinary programming, delivered compelling content and developed key messaging for companies for more than 15 years.

Relationship Cultivator

Deemed a “connector” by her peers, Robin can quickly identify key influencers — from registered dietitians, chefs, farmers, growers and producers to corporate execs among the health and wellness and culinary landscapes. Providing strategic counsel and robust insight for corporate initiatives is a skill-set she’s honed with her experience as a PR professional as well as a communicator.

New Media Strategist

Robin helps her clients to better understand and utilize social media outreach that promotes and strengthens the brand through well-developed and well-executed campaigns. Whether as host, expert or facilitator, Robin is known for her quick wit, attention to detail and her ability to deliver above and beyond the client expectation.

Marketing and PR Strategist

As a specialist in consumer behaviors and nutrition and food industry trends, Robin positions her clients for increased visibility and higher sales with her unique marketing expertise that includes experience working with non-profits, for-profit sectors and small business owners.


A multi-faceted communicator, RD and culinary nutritionist


Enthusiasm, know-how and innovation bring your event to life


Clear, concise communication grounded in competency and research


Extensive culinary and foodservice experience and research