Event Management
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Blog Brulee 2016 group

With a work ethic and innovative spirit that encompasses soup-to-nuts inception to final execution, Robin’s enthusiasm, know-how and innovation bring your event to life. 





Robin has helped to envision and organize large and small-scale events that create a buzz in the nutrition, culinary and health and wellness industries by delivering above and beyond client expectations.  


Event Production

Robin knows that no event is successful without looking at both the big picture and the most finite of details. With that in mind, she strives for new and unique ways to achieve both a stellar and entertaining event for attendees and a successful bottom line for event sponsors.

Financial Development

Robin is skilled and successful at working within the parameters of any budget, no matter how large or small.

Volunteer and Staff Management

As a people person and leader who truly understands the term “human resources,” Robin is effective at putting together and maintaining an enthusiastic work force that helps make any event a successful one.

Vendor Relations

With her extensive network and established connections built over 25 years, Robin can proactively build a stable of vendors that make sense and add value to the events she manages.

Media Coverage

Again, it’s all about people skills and established connections. Robin has them in spades and brings a wide variety of media contacts, as well as extensive PR and marketing experience, to events large and small.

Nuts-and-Bolts Detailing

No event is successful if the small things are ignored. Robin’s event management experience makes certain that nothing, no matter how minute, falls through the cracks.


A multi-faceted communicator, RD and culinary nutritionist


Enthusiasm, know-how and innovation bring your event to life


Clear, concise communication grounded in competency and research


Extensive culinary and foodservice experience and research