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Information presented on this site is intended as a personal and professional representation of my views on food and nutrition as well as an informational representation of the services provided to companies by Robin Plotkin, RDN, Founder and CEO, RDPC, Inc. d/b/a Robinsbite.


As part of my business, I am compensated for consulting work from various companies and organizations. I am occasionally compensated to review, represent or provide opinions on food products, restaurants, books, websites and various other topics. Compensation may be in the form of product sample, payment, or a combination of both.


Although I may receive compensation for my posts, all views, experiences and opinions expressed are purely mine. I do not engage with businesses or companies whose products or services do not match my personal and professional believes. Any sponsored blog posts will be designated as such in the post and all attempts are made when mentioning a client through a social media channel to utilize the hashtags #client, #sponsored, #sponsoredtravel or #sponsoredevent as applicable.


Additionally, a one of the co-founders of Blog Brulee, I am compensated for the management and execution of the event by the companies listed as “sponsors”.


In 2016, Robin Plotkin, RDN, Founder and CEO, RDPC, Inc. d/b/a Robinsbite has a material relationship with (i.e. employment, contract, freelance work, honorarium, or sponsorship revenue from the following:


  • ALDI
  • Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition
  • California Strawberry Commission
  • CrowdSource-Savor Dallas Event
  • Davidson’s Safe Eggs
  • Lilly and Bella
  • M Crowd
  • Mars Food
  • Modern PR
  • National Peanut Board
  • Northarvest Bean Growers Association
  • Pei Wei
  • POM Wonderful
  • siggi’s
  • SPM Communications
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Tenet Healthcare Corporation


None of the information on this site, or the services performed by Robin Plotkin RDN, Founder and CEO, RDPC, Inc. d/b/a Robinsbite, should be considered a medical diagnosis or treatment.
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