Culinary Nutrition
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Robin Plotkin

Bringing extensive culinary and foodservice experience and research to the table.


Robin’s practical kitchen knowledge and passion for food, cooking and retail/outdoor markets make her an ideal advisor and consultant for restaurants, chefs, food service companies and retail outlets.


Food-service Nutrition and Health Consulting

Robin consults on ways to evolve recipes to a desirable nutritional profile, often concentrating on making products more healthful while retaining what’s important: taste. She’s been called upon to provide input for children’s menus, catering menus and diet-specific menus including dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, gluten-free and more.

Company-wide Training

As someone who is most comfortable in the kitchen, Robin delivers training to each person in the company with the same energy, humor and respect. From gluten-free expectations in restaurants today to cross contamination to the latest trends in nutrition and health, she knows her audience and tailors the curriculum with that in mind.

Internal and External Communications

As an advisory board member for such organizations as the Northharvest Bean Grower’s Association, Robin lends her nutrition competence and voice to a wide range of communication strategies that take content, design, delivery and more into account.

Menu Development

Robin has worked alongside many chefs and restaurants to develop menu items based on a number of factors, including cuisine and health objectives, budgetary concerns, human resources constraints, customer demands and so on.

Menu and/or Nutrition Analysis and Allergen Identification

With her roots in the foodservice industry and her unique perspective as a culinary nutritionist, Robin has built a valued level of trust working alongside chefs, food and beverage professionals and R & D teams to develop menu items based on a number of factors, including cuisine and health objectives, budgetary concerns, human resources constraints and customer demands.

Food-service Nutrition and Health Consulting

With more than 100 cooking classes and demonstrations under her belt, Robin knows her way around the kitchen. Robin’s number one goal when conducting a cooking class is to build kitchen confidence for each audience member, regardless of the age or skill level. She’s passionate about getting kids comfortable in the kitchen and equipped with a skill that will serve them for a lifetime. As a self-taught home cook, she’s created and delivered cooking classes, workshops and team-building activities for families, schools, corporate businesses, cooking schools, non-profits, conferences and more. Contact Robin to discuss class topics.


A multi-faceted communicator, RD and culinary nutritionist


Enthusiasm, know-how and innovation bring your event to life


Clear, concise communication grounded in competency and research


Extensive culinary and foodservice experience and research