Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition 2018 (FNCE) New Product Round Up
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FNCE 2018 WashingtonDC

Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition 2018 (FNCE) New Product Round Up

Walk the FNCE Expo floor with Robinsbite intern Cortney O’Rear! It’s her maiden FNCE EXPO experience– find out which products piqued her fancy!

Cortney here! I’m reporting on my first experience at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE), the largest gatherings of registered dietitian nutritionists in the world. 


The expo, while overwhelming, was jam-packed with a  variety of exhibitors who were promoting new products that dietitians may be interested in using for their specific practice. These items range from new food products to education institutions to new formulas for tube feedings. I can’t even explain the variety of different things I saw while walking around the expo because it was just so overwhelming for a first time FNCE attendee. 


Courtney’s Top 8 Favorite FNCE EXPO Products

Dave’s Killer Bread: Boomin’ Berry Bagel

I’m already a huge fan of Dave’s Killer Bread, especially their cinnamon raisin bagel at breakfast. THIS is SO much better! When I first tasted it, I felt like I could really taste all the different berries, and there are four different berries in these bagels. The flavor was so perfect. I felt like I was eating a pancake filled with berries. It’s perfect for breakfast, especially if you add some peanut butter and even more sliced berries. Also, it’s packed with 13g of whole grains and 11g protein!

Dave's Boomin Berry


Green Valley Farms Lactose-Free Cottage Cheese

Recently, my boyfriend stopped eating dairy because he wasn’t tolerating it very well, so I’ve been on the hunt to find lactose free options for dairy products he loves. Let me tell you, I’ve tried a lot.. Green Valley Creamery Cottage Cheese is the first lactose-free product I’ve tasted that did not just give me an instant bitter and sour taste. I was shocked. Then, I started trying more and more of their products and I just kept being blown away. This is the first lactose-free product I’ve had that tasted the most similar to those products with dairy. It’s a must to give a try if you have a dairy or lactose intolerance.



Green Valley Creamery


Lo-FO Pantry Flour

The FNCE EXPO was filled with low FODMAP vendors who were educating RDNS on this type of elimination diet.  Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that following this meal plan can be very hard to follow, especially if there aren’t a lot of options at the grocery store. I’ve made a variety of recipes with almond flour and low FODMAP approved flours, and it just doesn’t taste the same. I also tried as many low FODMAP foods as I could at the FNCE expo, but the Lo-Fo Pantry is what I enjoyed most. I sampled pancakes made with their all-purpose flour, and it’s the closest thing I’ve tried that’s almost exactly the same taste as pancakes made with regular all-purpose flour.   If you’re having trouble finding good, nutritious low-FODMAP foods, I encourage you to taste test these flours.


Low Fod Map Flour


Fairlife Smart Snacks Milk

New Fairlife Smart Snacks? Yep!  This isn’t your normal milk and not your normal Fairlife milk if you’re already a fan. This milk contains real honey and oats inside. The honey and oats add amazing flavor, and they also come in three different flavors. It’s lactose-free, contains 15 grams protein, 5 grams fiber, and more calcium when compared to other dairy products. This new Fairlife milk is not only good for you, but your kiddos too. This was one of my favorite things I tried at the FNCE expo, especially compared to the many different varieties of lactose-free milk. This is the lactose-free milk you need. Fairlie Honey & Oats



Vegetarian Traveler: Protein toppers

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, it can be hard to find other sources of nutrition that are commonly found animal-based foods.  Look no further-I’ve got a solution for you! These protein toppers from Vegetarian Traveler are plant-based proteins that are packed with 15-17 grams of protein in each bag. Add these to the top of salads, yogurt, on cereal or even mixed into a smoothie.  Or, tear open the corner and eat them as a snack. They are incredibly convenient and are small enough and flat enough to keep a stash in your bag, backpack, drawer at work, gym bag, etc.  


Protein Toppers



Kelloggs Hi! Happy Inside

This is one of Kellogg’s’ newest products and it’s going to make your gut very very happy! Robin and I had the chance to taste this as a mix-in for kimchi during a private reception. Cereal in kimchi? Believe it or not, it totally worked!  Don’t worry-pouring in a bowl and enjoying it old school is completely allowed.     This cereal was made for the purpose of digestive wellness-it’s prebiotics, probiotics and fiber profile make it unique in the cereal category. Hi! Happy Inside cereal comes in three different flavors, each created with a healthy gut in mind. 


Happy Inside Cereal


The Soulful Project

The Soulful Project is something I had never heard of until FNCE. First, I already love them because every hot cereal purchased, from the Soulful Project, another cereal is donated to a food bank in your region. I love the story behind this company and how it was created to help feed families no matter their social or economic status. I can also say that their cereal is pretty darn good, too. They offer hot cereals for on the go, hot cereal packets that are more convenient to travel or pack for the day, and hot cereal in bigger bags to store at home. I’ve only tried the Hearty Grains and Seeds, and I can’t wait to try them all!


Soulfull Cereal


Noosh Almond Protein Powder

I think this plant based protein powder is going to be a very hot topic! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a protein powder with a base made of almonds. The unflavored variety boasts 21 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and 120 calories per serving.   It does come in different flavors which means it can be used to boost the protein in hundreds of recipes.  On top of the versatility,  I love that the bag is reusable.  The packaging is unique, too, and is easy to spot on the grocery store shelf. (Get it? It’s shaped like an almond!) 


Noosh Almonds Protein Powder

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