The Top 10 Websites YOU need to check out
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The Top 10 Websites YOU need to check out

Just back from 5 days in Chicago at the American Dietetic Association’s Food and Nutrition Expo in Chicago, IL. I’m exhausted, but so fired up that I had to write down some of what I learned. Let’s start with the Top 10 RD Websites I recommend:

1. Kate Geagan, MS, RD, is America’s Green Nutritionist. If you want to learn how to lose weight the green way, get ready to buy her book Go Green Get Lean. She’ll teach you how to reduce the pounds while reducing your carbon foot print, too. It’s a must for every practitioner. Look for the book in Spring of 2009.

2. Wendy Jo Peterson, RD is a ball of fire and rightly so…she’s the dietitian that serves up good nutrition to those who serve! That’s right, she the one that keeps the San Diego Firefighters healthy and fit. If you want someone who can earn the respect of the men and women in blue, (or anyone in uniform) give her a call!

3. Mitzi Dulan, RD is one of the most tenacious, dedicated and hardworking RD’s out there. Her career highlights are long– let me summarize: professional speaker, published author, sports dietitian to top elite athletic teams, media spokesperson and, well, there isn’t much she can’t do. I heard her speak very recently and was inspired, touched, motivated and excited when I left the room. How many talks have you been to where you can say that the speaker did that for YOU?

4. Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LD is a Chicago based dietitian with a talent for writing. Vickie translates the evidence based, scientific research that IS nutrition into well written, concise verbiage that is perfect for the consumer as well as the professional. Check out her recent article on infertility in Today’s Dietitian. She also is a regular contributor to IDEA Fitness Journal–oh, and she’s a Mom, too and lives, eats and breathes kids nutrition everyday!

5. Dr. Chris Mohr is a PhD, RD with an incredible head for business. Not only do he and his wife Kara own Mohr Results, but they have created a boot camp for women in Louisville, KY that is routinely sold out due to their incredible PR efforts AND the results that their camp members achieve as a result of the camp. In addition, they have created a blog for the on-line version of their local newspaper that generated over 6,000 hits last month…up from a few hundred just a few short months ago!

6. Shelly Marie, RD, LDN is a true Southern Belle at heart. You’d know it, too, if you witnessed her traveling across the country teaching college kids the benefits of good nutrition, the importance of professional AND dating etiquette and how to be healthy while living the co-ed life. She also has an incredible blog following: Let her get in front of those college kids for an hour–they won’t know what hit ’em!

7. Nancy Collins, PhD, RD, LDN and Liz Friedrich, MPH, RD, LDN have created the most dynamic, user friendly, pertinent website I’ve ever seen for professionals. BMI Tools, In-Services, CE modules, menus, herbal fact sheets, patient education materials, shopping lists, newsletters, live chats..and the list goes on and on. This one site will save hours of research and thousands of dollars for the health professional looking for current, science based information. Why reinvent the wheel? Once you click on it, it will become one of your “favorites” forever. Nancy Clark, MS, RD is one of the most humble individuals I’ve ever met. Not only has she has authored numerous books, CEU modules, audio tapes and teaching materials-all on sports nutrition-she has also had her face on a Wheaties cereal box. That’s right, I said Wheaties. This lady is the guru. Check out her blog at Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, LD is the leading authority on eating disorders in the United States. Not only does she counsel patients with severe eating disorders, she has created the Eating Disorder Boot Camp for professionals. Her mission is to educate other RD’s around the country on how to successfully work with and counsel disordered eating patients. If you see even 1 ED patient a year, you need Jessica’s Boot Camp.

10. Teresa Pangan, PhD, RD and Mandi Wong, RD, LD are true entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people reach their goals through the art of technology. is an unique tool soley for nutrition professionals to plan, grow, connect and be inspired in order to complete the journey to professional success and happiness. Check it out. It’s a good thing.

Next up: The Top 10 Consumer websites I recommend…..

  • Shelly Marie
    Posted at 08:41h, 29 October

    Also, add to the list:

    A culinary RD who not only discusses the beauty and benefit of foods; but works hand in hand with local Farmer’s Markets in teaching childern how to shop and buy produce!

  • The Massey's
    Posted at 13:23h, 30 October

    I second that!!