Product Review: Kashi's Soft-Baked Chocolate Square + Lesser Evil
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{Product Review}: Lesser Evil's Chia Crisps, Kashi's Soft-Baked Chocolate Squares and BEANFIELDS Bean & Rice Chips

Interns Destini, Jaime and Kylie here with some opinions on food.


First up: Kylie with thoughts on Lesser Evil’s Southern BBQ Chia Crisps

Let me start off by saying…22 chips per serving! Need I say more? That’s 22 chips you can eat for a mere 110 calories. To me, Chia Crisps taste like a cross between rice cakes and potato chips. But I don’t even like rice cakes and I really enjoyed these…so if you’re not overly enthused about rice cakes, definitely still give these a chance.

I sampled the Southern BBQ flavor (but I can’t wait to get my hands on a bag of the Feta and Black Olive flavor…bet those are to die for).  Okay, so I live in Texas and that makes me qualified to judge the Southern BBQ flavor of these chips. The verdict: the BBQ flavor is spot on. Paired with the crisp, crunch of the chip and you’ve got yourself a crunchy, savory chip/crisp that is great crumbled on a salad for lunch or served topped with some cheese for a snack.

Now that we know they taste great…on to the nutrition. The chips are made with black beans (a heart-healthy, plant-based protein) to amp up their protein content.  They actually have double the protein of similar snack type potato chips.  But in comparison to their fried counterpart (the potato chip), Chia Crisps have no saturated or (scary) trans fats.  All in all, Chia Crisps make a great go-to snack option when you’re craving something crunchy.

Next up: Destini with thoughts on Kashi Soft-Baked Squares Chocolate 

I normally am not one to buy baked products however I was delighted to try a new premade brownie. The Kashi soft-baked chocolate square is perfect for an afternoon snack or a delightful dessert and is the perfect size for only 160 calories!

The claim on the package states that this soft baked square is a snack that your family will love and it definitely is a true claim. My husband enjoyed this chocolaty treat with a class of ice-cold milk after dinner and I enjoyed it as an afternoon pick me up. Made with whole wheat, black bean and sweet potatoes not only did this product satisfy my chocolate craving it also kept me full- no additional need for extra calories!

As for nutrition…this product is full of whole grains, fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids. Research on Omega 3 fatty acids have found them to be beneficial to the body by lowering triglyceride levels, reducing stiffness and joint pain and decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Fiber helps to maintain a healthy weight and can also lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease. 

So if you’re looking for a healthy tasty snack or dessert I highly recommend picking these up at your local grocery store. 

And finally: Jaime with thoughts on BEANFIELDS Bean & Rice Chips

Who doesn’t love a crunchy, tasty, and dippable snack? Beanfields takes the prize with their Bean & Rice Chips.  The ultimate secret to be unfolded is that they’re still healthy. 1 ounce of chips contains a shockingly low 140 calories! Beanfields offers 5 different varieties of chips.  

I sampled the Nacho flavor and boy do these chips really have an “award-winning” taste.  Each bite is just as crispy and explosive as the first. The crunch is comparable to a tortilla chip, but the best part is that in each chip you feel as if you’re getting a taste of everything that goes into nachos- beans, cheese, and salsa.  The flavor isn’t too overpowering so, you can still pair a plate of chips with your favorite dips such as, a Mexican bean dip, melted queso,  guacamole, or salsa.  

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients.  Black beans and navy beans are at the top of the list.  Beans are a rich source of protein and account for the 4 grams of protein in 1 oz of these Bean & Rice chips. This is a significant value compared to the 2 grams of protein in Tostitos tortilla chips. Beanfields chips also contain a healthy dose of fiber coming in at 4 grams per serving.  With no saturated fat, trans fat, or cholesterol, these chips get an A+!


{Disclaimer: We were all provided with free samples of these products.  We were not compensated for our time.  All opinions are 100% our own.}


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