Open Faced Roasted Vegetable Sammy with Smoked Gouda
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Open Faced Roasted Vegetable Sammy with Smoked Gouda

Remember those roasted veggies from the post below?

Here is one example of their multitude of uses!

Crusty, grainy, wheaty-whatever kind of bread. Add roasted veggies in one layer. Top with smoked gouda-happens to be what I had left over from the weekend. Feel free to use whatever you’d like. Toast and then broil until bubbly. Don’t be afraid of the broil button on your oven/toaster oven! Just be sure to watch it carefully to avoid over-browning. (Read=burning)

Excellent, easy and tasty! I’m off to enjoy my snack!

Pictures to the left do not do this recipe justice-believe me.

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