Ode to Trader Joe's
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Ode to Trader Joe's

Many of you have the joy and the pleasure of shopping regularly at a Trader Joe’s supermarket. I, along with the other billions of people in the State of Texas, do not. But I ‘ve been there-several times-during my travels in TJ cities across the US. I’ve experienced all of the uniqueness, the hipness, the “own brand” bottles, jars, bags and frozen items, the wine, the samples and all of the other Trader Joe-esq items they have to offer. I, like many of you, love it.

In a somewhat recent call to the folks at Trader Joe’s, they guaranteed me that they would not be bringing any of their stores to the Texas market. Too much competition from a company with three little letters in their name. I’ll leave those three little letters up to your imagination, but the letters H, B and E could be some of them.

Forget that Dallas alone has grocery stores on every corner and that specialty stores pop up continuously in vacant shopping centers. I’m not complaining-believe me-I LOVE the wealth of specialty and mainstream stores that are available here in the Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex.

I can still long for Trader Joe’s, can’t I? Take a look at the love, passion and creativity this guy has for a grocery store!

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