Nutrition on a Mission: Intensive culinary & nutrition workshop in Austin, TX July 26-27
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Nutrition on a Mission: Intensive culinary & nutrition workshop in Austin, TX July 26-27

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”   Hippocrates

Food, food choice and food education visionary Amanda Archibald, RD, Chef & author of Mediterranean Diet Cookbook For Dummies, Wendy Jo Peterson, RD  and yours truly are three women on a nutrition mission. We’re so dedicated to that Hippocrates mantra “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” that we’ve created Nutrition On a Mission-a first of it’s kind culinary nutrition workshop for consumers and healthcare professionals.

Using the Food as Medicine approach as our guide, we’ll be translating nutritional science into the kitchen using a wide array of demonstrations, basic hands on practice work and simple culinary techniques with easy-to-integrate recipes concepts. Each concept delivers deep nutrition and flavor in affordable ways. In just 10 hours, we’ll show you how to build that vital bridge between your personal health and how to create what IS your best medicine–using food as our only tools.

Our first stop is in Austin, Texas on July 26-27. Please click here for more details.

Here’s a sneak peak into the intensive nutrition and culinary journey:

Day 1

* Nutrition: All you need to know for a lifetime of nourishment. 90 minutes and you’ll have a roadmap for life

* In the kitchen: Enjoy a demo and tasting of what deep nourishment looks and feels like. Juices, tonics and elixirs that build, restore and nourish from the inside out.

Day 2

* Breakfast on us: Get a taste of wholesome with unique breakfast grains, dairy/dairyalternative products, real food bars and breakfast proteins, Texas style, of course!

* Nutrition: We go to the very heart of deep, clean, high octane cuisine. Learn what fuels your immune system and gets your brainwaves singing. We’re talking a whole lot of color (fruit and vegetables) and lots of omega’s, baby!

* In the kitchen: Learn to infuse deep nourishment into a myriad of salads, slaws, simple sauces and powerful flavor. We’ll focus on fast, convenient and one bowl ideas. Then join us as we demo how to infuse those life-giving omegas onto your plate in budget-wise and delicious ways. Learn how to think big about omega and power up your health future

* Nutrition: We’re creating your best defense and nourishing the gateway to your health: your digestive tract. Then we’ll tie in the best foods you can eat to create smooth as silk blood sugars that help you sail through life.

* In the kitchen:  Taste a series of fascinating foods and ingredients that provide deep nourishment and deep defense for your body. Watch as we show you how to create your own food as medicine for your digestion. Then grab your apron and jump right in and work with lots of different high fiber, high nourishment beans and grains that power up the fiber, but power down the blood sugars.

And that’s just a peek. Click here for all of the details and to register.

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