Jessica Seinfeld I am Not! Or am I? Blending Veggies into your Diet
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Jessica Seinfeld I am Not! Or am I? Blending Veggies into your Diet

You all know the Jessica Seinfeld book Deceptively Delicious, right? It’s where she suggests “sneaking” fruits and vegetables into children’s diets. I am strongly opposed to this tactic as I feel that kids need to be told the truth and accept the consequences-whatever their parents feel is appropriate. When we “sneak” in fruits and veggies, we are telling our children that they are “bad” foods and that we have to be deceptive (as the title states) in order for our kids to eat them. Would you like be given food thinking it’s one thing only to be told later that you ate a cup of brussel sprouts unknowingly? So yes, I, and a number of my colleagues are against it. However, many are for it and have found success. Feel free to pick your side. I do not judge.

So, yesterday was a hectic day and I was nowhere close to the amount of fruits and veggies I needed for my daily consumption. And honestly, without even asking him, I knew my husband was nowhere close, either.

I knew I was going to make something with ground turkey and had decided on turkey burgers. Fast forward about 10 minutes and there was ground turkey cooking on the stove top, jarred spaghetti sauce in a pot and thawed whole wheat pasta on the counter (That’s right, you can cook and freeze pasta if you’d like). I grabbed 2 big handfuls of broccoli and 2 handfuls of carrots. Put them in a freezer bag with about an inch of water and microwaved them until soft. Popped them in the blender, along with 2 handfuls of spinach and boom! I had several servings of veggies right there! Put the blended mixture into the spaghetti sauce (more veggies!) and stirred well. Served with the turkey meat and the pasta with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese.

My husband LOVED it and ate every bit. Oh, did I tell you that my husband eats lettuce, green beans and asparagus–that’s it. Those are his top (and only) 3 vegetables that he likes. When I asked him if he wanted to know what he just ate, his response was “something with a lot of fiber in it? ” (He knows me and my love of fiber so well). I told him what was in it and he said “just keep doing this and I’ll eat it”.

How I HATE, HATE, HATE to agree with Jessica Seinfeld, I’m afraid I must with regard to this. It’s good to be proven wrong sometimes. But don’t tell her, okay?

  • theprofessionalpalate
    Posted at 13:05h, 22 April

    Love it! Luckily your hubby can't "grow up" to resent you… permission already granted. As for your little guy, my frustration has been that the whole "play with your food" (cute shapes, colors, etc) REALLY has worked… which just means more work for mom *sigh*…

  • Ginger
    Posted at 15:58h, 22 April

    I'm right there with you! Just last week I substitued seitan for ground turkey in our standard shepherd's pie (long story but in short it was convenient). I did not tell any untruths, I simply did not advertise to hubby that he was eating a meat substitute. He ate two helpings but was not amused days later when I confessed. He SAYS that he is open to trying new foods, but sometimes it's better just to let them eat it and THEN tell them. The mind can be a powerful ally or enemy!

  • robinplotkin
    Posted at 17:38h, 22 April

    Thanks for the comments, guys and thanks for following me! I appreciate it.

  • kgn2507
    Posted at 22:54h, 14 May

    I just wouldn't characterize it that way. For me it is just another way to enjoy great ingredients. I use zucchini in my red sauce because it tames down the acidity. Veggies make great sauces! Last week at the AIWF cooking class at the Dallas Farmers' Market, chef Morgan from Dragonfly restaurant made a sauce of artichokes to die for:

    A La Grecque Sauce – particularly good over salmon… and orzo… well, pretty much great on everything. In a blender combine 1 can of drained artichokes(reserve water from can), 1 clove garlic, squeeze of lemon, 1/4 c white wine; blend until smooth. While blender is running slowly add 1/2 olive oil to emulsify. Salt and pepper to taste, and thin with reserved water as necessary.