I Just Ate 1/4 of a Watermelon....By Myself. Is That So Wrong?
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I Just Ate 1/4 of a Watermelon….By Myself. Is That So Wrong?

The answer is no, that’s not wrong at all! In fact, it’s RIGHT! According to www.watermelon.org, Americans consume about 16 pounds of watermelon per person per year. I’m just doing my part to help the watermelon industry. You should too.

Here’s why:

1. It’s Oh So Versatile
From wedges, chunks and balls to watermelon spiked drinks, gorgeous watermelon, feta and basil salads (see photo-compliments of Chef Mynetta Cockrell, Milestone Culinary Arts Center www.milestoneculinary.com) to fabulous watermelon and tomato gazpacho (thanks to Chef Tyler Florence for tweeting me this recipe at www.tylerflorence.com), the possibilities are endless. In fact, a RD colleague of mine actually wrote that he was grilling watermelon today-thanks Dave Grotto, RD! (www.101foodsthatcouldsaveyourlife.com)

2. It’s Like Taking a Vitamin!

Not only does our friend the watermelon contain high levels of lycopene-the stuff that may act as antioxidants-protectors of cells, but Vitamin A-great for the eyes and boosting immunity, just to name a few- and Vitamin B6-now who doesn’t need a few brain chemicals boosted-are both present and accounted for in watermelon. Also in the line up is Vitamin C, a terrific immune builder. It also helps our bodies utilize iron better! 2 cups worth of the red stuff also gives us potassium, a mineral needed to keep the water balanced in our system.

3. It’s called WATERmelon. Get it-WATERmelon?

1 cup of the good stuff is about 92% water. Here in Dallas, it hit 100 degrees today. This is an automatic signal to me that hydration needs to be on the brain. (it needs to be on the brain everyday, but when it hits 100, its REALLY on the brain) Sometimes water and other fluids aren’t just enough. Heading to the fridge for the watermelon can help get the fluid you need to maintain the massive amount of water that is found floating around in the body!

4. There are Festivals Created around this Cherished Fruit!
Check out the www.watermelon.org and click on festivals. You’ll be amazed at the amount of festivals going on around the country that celebrate the melon.

5. It Just Makes Us Happy

Really, who doesn’t love watermelon? It’s a sign of the summer, a time for easier days and fun nights, lazy weekends and good times with friends and families. Riding bikes, unlocked doors, flipflops and swimsuits til bedtime, and watermelon. Watermelon is one of those food memory foods that many of us build upon and look back upon with fondness. It is for me, anyway. What about you?

  • katytzen
    Posted at 22:53h, 16 June

    So, if I plug the watermelon, and then still eat 1/4 of it, is THAT good? I mean it would be watered down vodka at that point….
    (Just kidding — its the way some of us learned how to eat it!)

  • Edible Nutrition
    Posted at 09:07h, 19 June

    One of my favorite ways to prepare watermelon is blending it with mint and freezing in icecube trays! Great addition to any drink (adult or for kids!)