How Cabot Creamery inspired me to run my first 5K
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How Cabot Creamery inspired me to run my first 5K

Cabot Coop and Boyden Winery Tasting Blog Brulee Cabot Coop’s Legacy Collection: Farmhouse Reserve, White Oak and Alpine Cheddar Cheeses


[Disclosure: As co-founder of Blog Brûlée  I was compensated by Cabot for their sponsorship of the event. I was not, however, compensated or asked to write this post. Opinions expressed are my own.] 

There was a time when I ate no cheese. Sad, right? 

Lactose intolerance plagued me in my early 20’s and like many, I wrongly eliminated dairy from my diet completely. Let’s just say that no type of dairy could persuade me to deal with the “GI distress” that very likely would appear soon after the dairy was consumed. *I think you know what I mean*

Fast forward a few years and I’m pregnant with my son. Gestational diabetes was diagnosed and soon a protein + carbohydrate snack was mandatory in order to help manage my blood sugars.  The snack? 

Cheddar cheese and crackers. 

By eating cheddar (a naturally low lactose cheese) and combining it with crackers, I had no issues with said “GI distress” and was able to gradually add more dairy back into my diet.  Good news for me–and for my health–since eliminating dairy from the diet also eliminates essential nutrients that the body needs. 

Okay, I’m going to stop right here and ask you to stay with me on this one. The title of the blog and the opening few paragraphs are what an editor would call a disaster, but stay with me. I promise it will all come full circle. 

And then I was introduced to Cabot Coop. And my life with cheese was never the same. My son calls it “the good cheese”. Need I say more? 

I’ve been impressed with Cabot for 2 main reasons. 

1. Their cheeses are superior in flavor, taste and texture. (They’ve won EVERY major award given for taste)

2. They were some of the very first to invest time and resources towards educating dietitians about their company, their processes, their products and their commitment to community.

#2 was never more evident than when they became the 1st company to raise their hand in support of our Blog Brulee event in September of this year. While we co-founders are more than grateful for all of our sponsors, we owe Cabot a debt of gratitude for signing on as our presenting sponsor and introducing us to all of their wonderful friends in Vermont.

About the company:

Most of our attendees didn’t realize that Cabot is actually a coop; in other words, it’s owned and operated by it’s members; 1200 dairy farmers and their families throughout New England and in Upstate New York.  They value-and practice- community, quality, democracy and local ownership. 

About their processes:

With regard to sustainability, Cabot eats, drinks and breathes this motto: “Living within our means and ensuring the means to live.” This is true on their farms, in their creameries and with each of their brands.  Not only is it a commitment, it’s a way of life. 

About their products:

Cabot wisely chose to educate the Blog Brulee attendees on the basics of cheese tasting, and smartly paired it with a wine tasting. On the menu? Their new Legacy Collection of cheddar cheeses. Master cheese grader Craig Gile taught us the specifics of how to truly taste the cheese, how to savor it and how to enjoy the experience.  Craig is a true craftsman-a cheese craftsman-and he is dedicated to his art. It was such a treat to see someone with this background in this element-bestowing the accolades of each cheese while encouraging us to change the way we look, smell, savor and enjoy cheese. Truly an experience.  Here’s more information on how to pair wine and cheese.  


craig and jenna

Craig Gile, Cabot’s Master Cheese Grader and Jenna Braddock of Fresh Food Perspectives


mj Craig and Boyden Winery Owner Linda Boyden spent dedicated time at each table to answer questions and provide additional tasting notes.  Photo credit: Min Kwon 



 The perfect bite 

Photo credit: Anne Mauney

About their commitment to community:

The Cabot family is committed to community in more ways than I can count. However, this is the one that stands out most to me.  Cabot Fit Team is a group of bloggers, farm families and employees who are dedicated to improving awareness about the importance of health and wellness. In the fall of this year, Cabot Fit Team coordinated it’s first ever virtual race. Here’s the actual email:

Cabot has partnered with JostRunning to host Cabot’s first virtual race! And we’re asking YOU to join us to celebrate 95 years of “running” strong as a cooperative by participating in our Cabot Legacy Race to benefit Feeding America — which as many of you know is a non-profit whose mission is to feed America’s hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I don’t run. I just don’t. Nope. Not at all.  

But this email got me thinking. I needed a substantial goal to achieve to help me celebrate an upcoming birthday. After taking weeks to go through the stages of change, I finally committed to running my first 5K –in Dallas–in December.  So, while I didn’t participate in the actual Cabot Legacy Race, Cabot is the reason that I’m completing this goal. Yes, I give full props to them and to a few friends who convinced me I could do it. So, it’s ON! Santa Paws and Claws, which benefits the Frisco, Texas Humane Society, look out–because I’m runnin!  (ok, I might walk some, but it still counts!)


need a bag

 Cabot also graciously supplied the goodie bags (and added some goodies, too) for each of the Blog Brulee attendees and sponsors. 


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  • Regan @ Cabot Creamery
    Posted at 05:27h, 18 November

    I’m of coursed thrilled that I got to experience all of this with you not only as your co-founder and friend, but also, as a part of the Cabot family 😉

    The only thing I’m bummed about is that I won’t be in Dallas to cheer you on for your first 5K!! But I will be sending my best “You got this!” vibe that day for sure. So proud of you, seriously.

    • Robin
      Posted at 08:34h, 18 November

      Thanks, friend. You are the Cabot connection, of course!

      Looks like a trip to Dallas is in the cards for you in 2015—for one reason or another!

  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine
    Posted at 08:32h, 18 November

    Well that is a memorable first 5k! Awesome!

    • Robin
      Posted at 08:33h, 18 November

      It’s coming up—on the 13th of December! YIKES!!!

  • Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean
    Posted at 09:25h, 18 November

    woohoo! so proud of you! can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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