Holiday Gift Alert! The Food Lover's Healthy Habits Cookbook
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Holiday Gift Alert! The Food Lover's Healthy Habits Cookbook

Well, this one is headed STRAIGHT to the top of my gift-giving list. Nutrition expert JanetHelm, MS, RD and the editors of Cooking
Light have penned THE perfect holiday (or any day, for that matter) gift for the anyone who is throwing fad diets out of their vocabulary in 2013 and ringing in the new year with healthy habits that are realistic for today’s world. In all my years, I’ve never seen a book quite like this one.  This is not a diet book. Instead, it’s a book that breathes confidence into readers who strive for a healthier life.

The Food Lover’s Health Habits Cookbook features gimmick, rule and restriction free recipes, tips and solutions that encourages people to enjoy food, not fear it.  ”The truth is, change can be difficult, so taking on one bite sized goal at a time can help you achieve some small victories  that can lead to new, healthier habits,” said Helm.

The book is chock full of test-kitchen tested recipes (which means they actually work), a Healthy Habits 6-week meal plan (for those who say “just tell me what to eat!”) instructive photos (how to make an omelet, for example) and words of encouragement from more than 50 nutrition and fitness experts, bloggers, chefs and Cooking Light readers. (I talk up the benefits of the slow cooker on page 44!). I’ll say that the Artic Char with Blistered Cherry Tomatoes and the French Onion with Apple Soup recipes immediately caught my eye as well as the Get Moving and Get Stronger Action Plan chapters.

I can’t wait to dig in.

Available on Amazon today!




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