Free Shopping, Nutrition advice with the Dietitians from Market Street
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Free Shopping, Nutrition advice with the Dietitians from Market Street

Meal planning, grocery shopping and getting dinner on the table isn’t easy. No argument here.

Ever wish someone would just tell take  you by the cart and guide you, aisle by aisle, throughout the grocery store? Answer your specific questions about gluten free products, heart smart ingredients or how to get your picky eater to eat more fruits and vegetables?   Your wish has been granted by the  dietitians at Market Street . This month, sign up for FREE tours throughout their 6 DFW stores.

Tour topics include (Check out course descriptions here):

Healthy Heart Cart
Easy Diabetes Shopping (coming in April)
What Can I Eat? Shopping with Food Allergies
Healthy Shopping 101
Hunt for Good Nutrition – a Kids Shop

There are several Market Street locations across the metroplex. If you aren’t sure where your local store is – here’s a store map.

If you are skeptical about how a supermarket tour could benefit you and your family, check out these reasons to take a tour. Even if you think you’re a supermarket pro, there are still many benefits and tools you may not utilizing!

If you’re sold on a tour – click here to register.

This is a golden opportunity to experience Market Street’s unbelievable customer service, too.  I think I’ll sign up for a tour myself!

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