Caprese Salad For A Crowd
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Basil bouquet

Caprese Salad For A Crowd

Caprese Salad for a crowd-perfect 5 ingredient dish for potlucks, picnics and to take to someone during life events…like moving, for example.

Caprese Salad

I moved into our new house last week–4 weeks after our actual anticipated move date.  Because of situations beyond our control (READ-Contractors who don’t keep their word), our move occurred during the busiest work week I’ve ever had, complete with 5 enormous events for 2 different clients. We moved on Sunday, the day before Passover–the day I was supposed to create a salad for 26 people.

Creating salads is my jam. Honestly. I love doing it and this particular crowd is extremely receptive to any recipe I create. However, in the midst of 20+ full boxes, no counter space, (note that these pictures were taken outside on top of the garden hose caddy) zero groceries in the house (and I do mean ZERO), and an exhaustion I’ve never felt before, my creative juices weren’t really flowing. Until….. Caprese Salad.


Basil bouquet


Caprese salad is always a go to in our house, so why not expand it for a crowd? Four simple ingredients—spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella and basil—and BOOM! It’s done. Salad for 26 should look bountiful–hence, a platter for presentation. Thank God I had access to my platters.


Caprese Salad for A Crowd


1-2 pounds of pre-washed spinach or a combination of leafy lettuces

2 containers of cherry or teardrop tomatoes, washed (red or yellow or a combo of both)

2, 8-ounce containers of bocconcini or pearl mozzarella, drained

1 large bunch of fresh basil, torn into small pieces

Balsamic vinaigrette

salt and pepper, to taste


Place spinach/lettuce on the bottom of a large platter.  Create “stripes” of tomatoes and mozzarella, alternating until you have at least 2 rows of each.

Just before service, dress salad with a bottled balsamic vinaigrette, salt and pepper. Make your own vinaigrette or just drizzle balsamic vinegar and olive oil–it makes no difference to me.





  • Jessica @Nutritioulicious
    Posted at 13:13h, 21 April

    Simply gorgeous Robin! Love how bright and fresh caprese salad is!

    • Robin
      Posted at 21:12h, 22 April

      Thanks, Jess!

  • Emily | EmPowered Nutrition
    Posted at 16:25h, 21 April

    I love those little mozzarella pearls! This looks like such a fresh tasting salad!

    • Robin
      Posted at 21:12h, 22 April

      They totally revolutionized the Caprese salad, right? 🙂

  • Danielle Omar
    Posted at 16:31h, 22 April

    Gorgeous salad, Robin! One of my favorites, too!

    • Robin
      Posted at 21:11h, 22 April

      Thanks, DO! 🙂

  • Lauren Harris-Pincus
    Posted at 17:24h, 22 April

    The BEST summer salad for entertaining 🙂

    • Robin
      Posted at 21:10h, 22 April

      Right? It’s my go-to!

  • Cara @ Street Smart Nutrition
    Posted at 18:04h, 22 April

    This has been a pot luck favorite for years! So simple to make but looks impressive. AND people line up to eat some veggies!

    • Robin
      Posted at 21:11h, 22 April

      Exactly! This presentation will hopefully have more people lined up!

  • Anne|Craving Something Healthy
    Posted at 18:22h, 22 April

    This is the most gorgeous salad ever! I will be making it very soon (I just need a party invite!)

    • Robin
      Posted at 21:10h, 22 April

      Thank you, Anne! Make a smaller one for yourself 🙂

  • Julie @ RDelicious Kitchen
    Posted at 10:06h, 23 April

    my favorite! A much better way to feed a crowd!

  • Danielle Cushing
    Posted at 21:13h, 23 April

    Love how easy this is… cooking for a crowd can be so stressful!

  • Lindsey Pine
    Posted at 10:33h, 24 April

    this is a great idea for a party dish!

  • Deanna Segrave-Daly
    Posted at 11:12h, 24 April

    This may very favorite photo of yours ever!! LOVE.

  • Abbey Sharp
    Posted at 11:43h, 24 April

    I love the colours in this dish! So perfect for parties. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • EA Stewart
    Posted at 20:16h, 24 April

    I’ve been eyeballing this gorgeous salad for awhile now! I think you should take all of your photos on a garden hose-what a beauty 🙂 It sounds like you had the craziest of weeks, but glad to hear you could find a little comfort in this salad. Fortunately my kids and hubby LOVE caprese salad too, so they make a regular appearance at our dinner table. I hope things settle down for you soon!!

  • Brittany Poulson
    Posted at 11:07h, 27 April

    Love this idea! Such a beautiful way to serve a crowd!