Can you eat on 1.00 a day?
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Can you eat on 1.00 a day?

I found this link on Election Day:
Essentially, 2 people spent 30 days living on 1.00 per day for food. It traces their good days and bad and reveals the obvious as well as the covert issues people deal with who are hungry. With belt tightening going on for everyone, this is a timely topic and an interesting blog that I was enthralled with…you will be, too.

I was inspired by Christopher and Kerri, so I started tallying my food consumption…was doing well after 2 slices of high fiber bread and peanut butter…was feeling really good with my homemade black bean- soup- for -pennies lunch and then I blew it. On a Diet Coke of all things. $1.07 with tax. Sadly, I didn’t even think twice about it.

I started again today…and have consumed homemade chicken noodle soup-again, pennies per serving, the bread and peanut butter routine and leftover noodles with shrimp for lunch. But it was that habitual Diet Coke that put me over the edge–again!

Trying again tomorrow…wish me luck!

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