Blog Brulee Masters-The Year of the Brulee
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Smores Skillet

Blog Brulee Masters-The Year of the Brulee

Blog Brulee is partially funded by the sponsors mentioned at the bottom of this post.

In less than 24 hours, Blog Brulee Masters will begin.

The attendees are Instagramming their travel, the speakers are finalizing their presentations and our generous sponsors are preparing to meet and greet the Blog Brulee audience. The four founders, Regan, Deanna, Gretchen and I, are already at Smugglers Notch, dotting the final i’s and crossing the remaining t’s to ensure an enlightening, educational, fun and memorable experience here in the mountains of Vermont. 

When our project came to fruition in 2014, we spend an inordinate time deciding on the name of this event. We made lists and crossed through every single suggestion. We started again with a new batch of names and still, we couldn’t agree. We started again and did a Survey Monkey to anonymously cast our votes.  We all had strong ideas and opinions (nothing has changed), and we had ideas about which word should be first, which words elicited the right tone of what we wanted to get across. The one thing we did not waiver on was the fact that we wanted this event to spark a fire in the bloggers to build better blogs. 


Names of Blog Brulee


You can see from the list above that the word Brulee was nowhere in the running. So how did the name “Blog Brulee” actually come about? Funny, we remember it somewhat differently. 

Healthy Aperture Friendship Bread

Regan’s Brulee Friendship Bread


Regan  “I was sitting at the bar in my kitchen when I suggested it. We had been discussing how to set fire to better blogs and I thought why not combine a food term and a fire term?”


Banana Brulee Smoothie

Deanna’s Banana Brulee Smoothie


Deanna: “Oh gosh, I don’t remember!”


Smores Skillet

Gretchen’s Gluten-Free S’mores Skillet

Gretchen: “What Regan said.

And there you have it. 

Tomorrow is fast approaching and we are ready for another incredible year for our attendees, speakers, and sponsors. Cheers to Blog Brulee #4!


We proudly partner with the following brands to make our event a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Blog Brulee 2017 Masters


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