Still Tasty
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Still Tasty

This weekend, I watched my weekend hosts defrost a package of flank steak in the sink…all day long. Not wanting to insult them, but knowing how important proper thawing techniques are, I frequently asked questions about the meat-so that I could comfortably deem the food safe to eat.

Not a week goes by that I don’t receive a call or an email from a friend with a food safety question. “Can I freeze tofu?” I have meat that has been marinating since Monday..can I still cook it and eat it?” “What is the difference between the sell by and use by dates?” I happily answer these questions and more. Now,, Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide – Save Money, Eat Better, Help The Environment offers users sound advice on how to safely consume food items and stay healthy.

Keep it or Toss it, Your Questions Answered and Shelf Talk are the highlights of the site and Today’s Question is one that is always applicable. Today’s actual question is: Is it Safe to Reheat Meat that has already Thawed? Click here for the answer.

Other frequently asked questions include:

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How Long Can I Keep Thawed Meat Before Cooking It?

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Bookmark this site. It is one you will refer to over and over again. Thanks to Chris Mohr, PhD, RD for sending this my way.

1 Comment
  • Fatty Matty
    Posted at 17:44h, 31 March

    I feel your pain. A friend added the grilled meat back to the marinade without boiling it. I cringed. I have to say that I refused to eat the meat and I told her why. She said, “I do it all the time and we’ve never gotten sick.” I smiled and ate the veggies and potatoes wondering if she had washed the veggies!