The new RobinsBite
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The new RobinsBite

Hey everyone – Robin’s intern Laura here…

I want to welcome all of you to the new RobinsBite site!

Robin and I have been hard at work on this blog re-design since June, so we are definitely celebrating the fact that we’re launching the new site today!

I want to ask anyone who is using Google Reader to subscribe to RobinBite that they update their readers to this new link:

If you use feedburner, there is a button right over here (under facebook) ——-> that will direct you to the new feed as well.

While you will still receive RobinsBite posts in your google reader using the old link, this will stop after a few weeks, so I encourage you to update the link!

Also update your bookmarks or blog rolls to this new website for us, please!

I hope everyone has a great weekend at FNCE and look out for an old series to make a comeback here on RobinsBite on Monday!

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