The Best Burger in Texas at the Grape in Dallas
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The Best Burger in Texas at the Grape in Dallas

Recently, Texas Monthly came out with their Best Burger edition. Surprising to many was their #1 pick-The Grape Restaurant in Dallas.

The Grape, as their website states, is “recognized as one of the most celebrated neighborhood eateries in Dallas for over 35 years… is like stepping into a small European village. The monthly changing blackboard menu offerings, which have proven to be one of the elements of success, feature signature bistro fare as well as eclectic and contemporary creations.” Who woulda thought The Grape would grab this huge accomplishment? The said burger was only available at Sunday brunch for geez sake!

When named the best burger in Texas, I receied an email from Chef/Owner Brian Luscher that said “I am amazed, astounded, a little embarassed, honored, and proud! ” Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy and his wife, Grape GM Courtney Luscher. I love seeing a family owned and operated establishment garner accolades that are so deserved.

Tonight, I had a taste of the now infamous burger. Courtney says they are selling around 250 at Sunday brunch, Sunday dinner and Monday nights now. Before the article, they sold a dozen a week. Nearly every diner in the place had a burger on the table…or the handmade charcuterie platter. I have to say it was, in a word, delicious. Hand ground meat, homemade peppered bacon, perfectly seasoned pickles, a buttery toasted pain au lait bun…it was perfect. I could see the juices running down the hands and forearms of my diner companion…and she didn’t budge to wipe it off. When I say that the picture at right doesn’t do it justice, I mean it.

I can highly, highly recommend this burger. And I can highly, highly recommend the Grape and as well as the Luschers. The next time you are in Dallas, be sure to stop by….if it’s a Sunday or a Monday that is!

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