Once In Love With Amy
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Once In Love With Amy

Yesterday was my first taste of the goodness that is Amy’s Natural Foods. Hard to believe that I’ve never tasted it before-wait, I take that back. Amy’s was at a food show I attended several years back. They were serving up their delicious pizza and creating long, annyoning lines of people waiting to wolf down their mini slice of the good stuff.

I digress. It was a cold and rainy day yesterday and I had 2 big deadlines I had to meet. Lunch rolled around and the Amy’s Tamale Verde with Black Bean frozen meal was calling my name. Purchased the day before, I had my eye on it and knew that it would be consumed in short order…it’s work related research, you know. Many a friend and colleague had waxed on about the deliciousness of the Amy’s brand. Now I know why. These people know how to do frozen food.

My Tamale Verde was plump full of whole black beans and actually identifiable niblets of corn. The masa on the tamale was moist and substantial and the rice-which is something I usually do not eat-was tasty with the appropriate amount of spice and flavor. I was satisfied after I ate it (at 1:00pm) and stayed that way until about 4:30 when an orange called my name. This tells me that it had the right amount of calories, protein, carbs and fat for my body’s needs.

The folks at Amy’s have been doing this for years. Their products are all natural, organic, trans fat free and made with fresh ingredients. Over 50% of their ingredients are grown within a 200 mile radius of their “kitchen”. They cater to those who are vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and lactose free as well as sodium restricted. Click here for more info on their comprehensive website. (www.amys.com)

The Enchiladas with Vegetables and Black Beans is still in freezer..but not for long.

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