Hey, J. Dorian Chocolatier 85% Dark Chocolate Bar-I'm Your Newest Fan
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Hey, J. Dorian Chocolatier 85% Dark Chocolate Bar-I'm Your Newest Fan

I am not a fan of dark chocolate. There-I said it. Judge me if you must.  I know it’s better for me-full of antioxidants, heart protecting goodness and less sugar, etc. but put me in a milk chocolate vs. dark chocolate situation and milk is going to win every time. Or so I thought.

Ever heard of J. Dorian Chocolatier? It’s a Dallas based company with a huge mail order business of-you guessed it-hand crafted chocolate. The shop also produced amazing wedding, birthday and celebration cakes and a chocolate cookie that I cannot resist. Oh, and some unbelievable cupcakes, too.  Owned and operated by the nicest guy you’ll ever meet-Dorian Eisenberg-this little shop has taken off like gang busters.  And I know why.
I popped in the other day–I was in the neighborhood–and Dorian introduced me to his custom blend 85% dark chocolate bar. Since I was taught to have manners and because its really hard to say no to someone who is offering you his hand made chocolate bar, I took it graciously. In my mind, I knew I was going to give it to a friend of mine who loves chocolate and who happens to have diabetes.

Dorian decided to create his own dark chocolate bar in response to all of the 80% bars he’d sampled over the years.  They were too bitter and not smooth at all, he explained. He upped the ante to 85% and found the smooth texture and sweetness he was looking for in a dark chocolate.  The increase in cacao mass in the 85% bar means its got more antioxidants and less sugar–which is better for a person with diabetes, he explained.  More flavor also means less is required to satisfy that chocolate craving.  Dorian knows his nutrition as he has been living with and managing his diabetes for 13 years. 

I took the bar home and gave it to my friend. She wanted me to taste it with her and I couldn’t say no.  It’s no wonder that Dorian sells hundreds of these bars every week. Delicious-smooth and creamy texture with just a hint of bitterness (I was expecting full on face contorting bitterness).  It was bliss–and I was satisfied after only 1 square. (1 oz is all that is recommended for nutritional health!). Next time I’m met with a dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate situation, the dark chocolate will win.  Only if its J. Dorian’s 85% Dark Chocolate bar, that is.

  • nutrisavvysblog
    Posted at 18:20h, 04 October Reply

    Nice article! I'm a true dark chocolate fan, too. Have you ever tried John Kelly fudge? – I know 'bad for you' and not likely the same health benefits of a bit of dark chocolate. (Yes, I'm a dietitian but I have my vices.)

    I stumbled upon John Kelly Chocolate's tiny factory on Sunset Blvd – not too long ago while they were making the fudge. They offered me two samples which I could not refuse. Of course, I shared it with my co-workers upon returning from my break.

  • theprofessionalpalate
    Posted at 05:01h, 05 October Reply

    I always thought I wasn't a fan, but then started pairing good darks with good reds (wine, that is.) The marriage was a new creation that I found I loved… not in the same way as the standard, good ole milk chocolate candy type confection… but rather a more grown up indulgence.

    I'm wishing I was in TX to share a bar right now 😉

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