Have You Been to Jimmy's?
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Have You Been to Jimmy's?

About once-maaaaaaaybe twice-a year, I succumb to the delicious Meatball Sandwich made famous by Jimmy’s. www.jimmysfoodstore.com It’s the one on the far left in this picture. Everything about it is satisfying. The homemade meatballs-made with love-the right amount of sauce-not too much, but just enough to still be messy-and the cheese. Oh! The cheese! Onions and peppers? Your choice.

The DiCarlo family has been running Jimmy’s in East Dallas since the 1960’s and I’ve been shopping there for the past 10 years. Mainly, I go for the homemade pastas, marinara sauce and the meatballs. And, the occasional sandwich. They do have a full menu…be prepared to wait a bit if you arrive at high traffic times. The produce prices are always reasonable and today, there were herb and tomato plants for sale at rock bottom prices.

The place is nostalgic, especially if you favor Italy and Italian specialty products–or, if you have a hankering for a Soprano kind of feeling….Me? I just like it in there-it makes me happy!

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