DFW Goes Edible
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DFW Goes Edible

The Edible Dallas & Fort Worth publication makes its much anticipated spring debut next week as the first local sustainable lifestyle magazine of the Metroplex.

From the Eats Blog at the Dallas Morning News, Kim Pierce writes:

Starting next week, you should be able to find fresh, free copies of Edible Dallas & Fort Worth, the newest member of the Edible family of magazines. Here’s an excerpt from publisher Karen McCullough’s press release:

“Edible Dallas & Fort Worth defines and honors the sustainable lifestyle of buying local. The magazine is brimming with engaging stories and enticing photography and advocates preserving food traditions, savoring food experiences, and pulling back the curtain on where our food comes from and how it gets to you.”

The Edibles started in Ojai, Calif., and have spread like mushrooms to cities and areas across the country. The mags will be available at Whole Foods Market, Newflower Market, North Haven Gardens, Redenta’s, Times Ten Cellars, plus other locations.

In the summer issue, look for an article on the Days of Taste Program (www.aiwf.org/dallasftworth) by yours truly. I’ll also be contributing to the fall issue with nourishing treats for kids focusing on fall flavors.

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